Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bark City Updates

No, I haven't moved to the Unitas, been kidnapped by a pack of hungry dogs, or decided to join a commune.   I am alive and well (mostly, but who doesn't have a few problems) and just enjoying summer.

We have gone from freezing temperatures (literally 3in of snow on the ground 10 days ago), to really, really, lets go swim in the creek, hot!  Park Silly Market has started, the flip-flops have come out of the closet, and I finally pulled my ski rack off my car.  I think I am going to get Marley a kiddie swimming poll for the summer, since he has taken to laying flat out on the driveway in the shade very chance he gets.  Dante has finally gotten hot enough to pant (that saying something for a breed the originated in Mexico) and went for his first dip in the creek.

Hugo going for a final run in the snow.

I went up to Oregon for the Guide Dogs for the May graduation.  I went up with my club leader, who went to see her twentieth puppy graduate.  He is part of a very successful litter; out of 5 pups, three have been pulled as breeders, one (Bernstein, my leaders puppy) has graduated, and one is finishing up his formal training.  Their sire, Royal Guide Ralph, was expected to do good things for  Guide Dogs, and it looks like this litter may be the key! 

Bernstein relaxing in harness.

We only went up for a day, leaving Friday night, and coming back Saturday night.  It was a very moving day, with may inspiring moments.  When Bernstein saw his raiser, who he hadn't seen since November, he was so happy it made me cry.  However, after he settled down, it was evident how much he cared for his new person, who is a very kind man from Texas.  He assured my leader that they would have many adventures together, alot of the in Walmart, and she only ever had to call if she wanted to see how Bernstein was doing.  We also got to go on a tour of the campus, but not in the kennels, which I was a little disappointed at.  All in all it was an awesome trip.

One of the new guides going back to the kennels; his new partner had to leave a few days early for an emergency, and they were going to be reunited later that week.

150 dogs eat alot of food.
And of course need alot of bowels to eat that food from.  (I know, I know, everyone takes a picture of the bowels, but, look at it!)

And the best part of these last 5 weeks?  Sterling has stopped hating his puppy coat!!!!  He even wags his tail some of the time, and will go on outings.  He has really started to look to me when he is unsure, and is overcoming many of his previous avoidance issues.  I think he would make a sweet, and cuddly guide for a very lucky person if he keeps this up.  

We had a very fun puppy meeting at the local college, and went walking around the grounds and indoor pool.  It was the last meeting for one of the first time raisers in our group before their dog, Moses, went to San Rafael for formal training. 

There is a picture of this raiser, right before she put her puppy on the truck, that makes me want to cry all over again.  It is also a small preview of what I will be going through when Sterling goes back.  They got other puppy the same day, and said it really helped.  I know I want to raise again, but I don't know if I could be happy with another puppy when Sterling goes back.  I wonder how much harder it is to get back into the routine of a baby....

Here is a link to the story about the dogs going back for formal training.,5143,700232928,00.html
That all my updates for now.


Emily and Suede said...

Yay! That's great that Sterling has accepted his jacket. Recall is really hard, but a puppy really did help me ;) Although yes, it is hard going from a perfect adult dog to a wild puppy. haha.

Emily, Maggie, and Angel said...

I'm so glad Sterling is doing so well! He seemed like such a sweet good boy when I met him. That's great that you got to go to graduation... it makes recall a tiny bit easier when you have seen the end product and talked with the people whose lives are changed.

Anna and Lawrence said...

YAY for updates!!

Aren't the graduations amazing!?!?!? Every one makes me cry!! Even without a puppy!! I'm hoping I'll "have" to go to a July one if silly Lawrence gets out of phase 9 in time. :)