Thursday, September 24, 2009

Goodbye and Good Luck

Paris went to her new raiser Megan today.  She got to sleep loose in my room last night, run and play with the other dogs this morning, and hang out with me this afternoon before heading off for her new adventure.  I know she will be a great dog, and will be a great guide one day if that is what she chooses to be!

Paris at full speed...her favorite one : )
Playing with Marley one last time.
Beautiful pup.
Paris just over 7 months old (7 months, 4 days.)
Final goodbyes...
I love this one!  I think she was getting bored, things weren't happening fast enough for her.  You can even see the black spot on her tongue.  
Paris, puppy in training.
Happy, happy girl.
Looking ahead for new friends, fun, and excitement to come!
Good Luck Paris!  I love you and look forward to following your adventures before you head back to formal training.  Be a good girl, and don't steal Megan's slippers!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Awesome News!!!

Well our evals were on Tues, and we met with the Salt Lake and Utah county clubs.  There were about 20 puppies there, from just having gotten vests, to pups going back next week for training.  At first different people had their pups do 'go to bed', while we waited for everyone to arrive.  I did have Paris try, and though it was a VERY distracting environment she did ok.  Not awesome (though it wasn't her usual mat) but ok.  Next we walked through Cabala's.  In there we went through the aquarium, walked through the different animal displays, and practiced elevator rides and walking next to open railings.  

Millie was fantastic the entire time, hardly ever pulling on the leash, and showing no reactions to any of the different things we saw.  Tom handled her throughout the eval.  Paris did really well for her age, and other than pulling some to go to other dogs, and trying to check out a couple things on the floor, she was great!  

Afterwards our CFR asked us the best things about our pups, and the worst things about our pups.  For Millie, it was her willingness to do any ting, and go anywhere that is her best trait.  Her house behaviors still need a little fine tuning, but other than that she is one AWESOME pup.  Paris is so smart, and she is so smart!  Those were both good and bad as I try not to let her outsmart me!!  But it makes for fun training and one awesome pup.

Once people started to leave my CFR asked me if I would be finishing Paris's training.  I told her I would do whatever worked best for GDB.  If someone needed an older pup I would transfer her (as I had started her with that intention), but if not I would love to finish her.   My CFR told me there were some raisers who were waiting for transfer pups, and she would let me know the next day.

And so.....Paris is being transferred.....

To a fellow blogger!!!  She will meet her new raiser on Thursday.  I am going to make this a guessing game until then.

I am so excited to be able to follow along with her progress!  Millie is still excepted to go back on the truck at the end of October, which means I will be getting a puppy on that truck.  That is all the news I have for now

Monday, September 14, 2009

Belated Birthday Wishes: Sterling!

Sterling, my wonderful boy, turned 2 years old last week, on September 10th.  I  know he is greatly enjoying pet life, and is a wonderful boy for his mom as she finishes her last year of pre-med.  

Puppy News, Millie and Paris

Well, it looks like Paris will be sticking with me.  Only 6 of 11 pups went to the HS program, and so Miss Paris will be finishing her time here in PC!   Yay, no snow housebreaking!!!  We have an eval with our CFR tomorrow night where Paris's progress will be evaluated and Millie will have her final eval before her recall.  Paris is completely recovered from her spay surgery and second eye surgery and is doing GREAT!  Millie is just fantastic, and I am trying to pack in as many things with her as I can before she goes back.  

It has been fun, now that Paris is older and more reliable for public outings, to go everywhere with two pups.  I hope it is helping to teach them better control around dog distractions, and more self control in general.  We get many more comments on the girls, especially the difference 6 months makes in their calmness and control (though no one believes Paris is only 6 1/2 months!).

Paris is still very vocal and rough when she plays with the other dogs, resulting in lots of time outs.  Has anyone had this problem before, and if so, any other suggestions to helping her control and moderate her play behavior?

I will not be getting a puppy on the truck (unless somehow I was offered a golden pup ;)  and plan on getting another puppy in the spring.  If Millie is pulled as a breeder, I will raise one of her pups when they become available.

Hopefully I will be able to post an update after our eval tomorrow night!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Paris and Millie Update

Well, I have just 8 weeks left with my wonderful girl. Millie will be heading back to Guide Dogs at the end of October for her breeder evals. I know she will be amazing whatever she decides to do. She has turned into such a fantastic dog who is just a dream and joy to take anywhere!!!

Miss Paris has an eval for the school program in two weeks, but as there are twice the number of starter puppies for the school program as there are kids, it looks like I may be finishing her training. I have told my CFR that if there is another raiser who needs an older transfer dog that I would let her go and start a new pup. Whatever helps GDB out the most : )
If I do finish raising her it will be so nice to not have to house train in snow! She is a great pup who is very enthusiastic to learn new things, though her personality can be a little challenging for some. I think once she matures and focuses her energy into working that she will make a fantastic guide. Part of her problem has been her entropium: she had surgery at just 14 wks the first time, with one eye turning back in as she grew (chance you take when you do surgery on a growing puppy.). This left her with one perfect eye, and one that she would squint and close on a regular basis. This made her uncoordinated and unwilling to do some things such as jump in vehicles and go down stairs. Now that her other eye has been corrected I have already seen a huge improvement in her confidence moving about. She does love to pick things up off the ground and play a little rough with other dogs, but I am working on focusing this energy into more appropriate activities and hopefully shaping behavior that will leave her well prepared for guide work.

If I finish her or had her off to another raiser, I know this little girl will give her whole heart to whatever we ask her to do!

Both pups are off to sitters this weekend as I am heading to MN with my family. Hopefully good reports will come upon my return, though Paris is in a cone and on leash/crate activity only as her spay and eye surgeries continue to heal.

Have a great Labor day weekend!