Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New puppy!

On April 17th I will be getting a male black lab, from the "M" litter.  There are two out there, but the 2/18/09 Cabby/Elsa? litter is the one I think I am getting.  I will now have 3 "M" dogs in the house: Marley, Millicent, and "M" boy.  Oh, and Milo, the cat.

Our club is also getting a MYL "J".  No idea who his parents are.

Can't wait for this new puppy!!!  I am pretty happy I am getting another black lab: another raiser in my club is raising her first yellow lab after a shepherd and 3 black labs, and she says he sheds like no other!  

How do you handle the hair if you are raising a yellow lab?  Or do they not all shed that bad?  Anyone else find that black labs shed less than the yellows?


Brittany said...

Congratulations on your new baby boy! Ugh, I think I am getting puppy fever again!

I think the yellow hair is a lot more noticable than the black. Patriot sheds like crazy, while Hobbs barely even has a seasonal shed. That is just their coat types though.

Elizabeth and Peyton said...

CONGRATS! I'm pretty sure he is from Elsa's litter, which means you are getting a 1/2 sib to Miss Alana. Elsa has the very best puppies, as you'll find out. :)

I have actually found that blacks shed much less than yellows, too. The hair doesn't bother me at all. I'm kind of a grooming addict. I own every grooming tool suitable for our pups, have all sorts of coat conditioners, and I spend a LOT of time grooming my dogs to perfection. ;)

Emily and the Labradors said...

Can't wait to see the new little guy! And as for hair... I think yellow and black shed the same, but the yellow hair is much more noticeable on my clothes! I've just come to accept the dog hair in all parts of my life :( One of the few real flaws of labs.

Kelsey, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

Yay! Can't wait until you get the little guy! Good luck with all those "M" names. :)

Mandy and Terence said...

Congrats on the new pup!

I hope you get an Elsa pup... she and her brother Eli were raised in my club and were both awesome pups.
Last week I was sitting with Elsa's raiser suggesting names for the M pups and managed to get the name McLovin' on the list so watch out :)

And I've heard that black labs shed less as well but I honestly think it's an individual dog sort of thing. I have a yellow lab CC and we brush him a lot and don't hug him when we're wearing clothes in shades other than tan/white as he sheds a ton.

Good luck with the new pup!

BTW, the first pet dog I ever had was named Millie - great name!

Megan and Fullerton said...

Yay for new pups. That will be a lot of M's. :D I think the blacks and yellows shed about the same, but I have noticed that the yellow fur is finer and floats around and gets in everything so it is more noticable than the black hair that is coarser and stays where is falls. I actually prefer the black hair because I wear a lot of dark clothes, Fullerton is not kind to my black pants. (I have not worn them for a while.) :D

Becky said...

How exciting to be getting a new puppy! Hope to meet him/her soon! Hope you had a great time on your cruise!

Anna and Vortex said...

Yay!!! I'm excited for your new black boy!! I learned to buy clothes that yellow hair didn't show up I didn't find the shedding that bad. But then again, I've been puppy-sitting mostly black we'll see after Sunday what I think :)

Becky said...

P.S. I've only known yello hair around here ... yes, they are shedders and have had to change one of my favorite colors - black!