Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More updates...!

After much moving around we are now back in our apartment, and I will have full Internet (and a working computer after tomorrow), and I will be back to doing picture posts!

It has been a big couple of weeks for Paris. She was diagnosed with entropy in both eyes (where the eye lid folds in and rubs against the eye itself), and has had surgery to correct it. The surgery was on Tuesday last week, and she has to wear a cone on her head (read "cone of shame" if any has seen UP) until NEXT week. Since the stitches are in a delicate place, she is on leash only walks, can't run around, and can't play with the other dogs. It is driving her (and me) a little crazy!!! She gets to have the stuffed KONG protocol until next week, but she barks, and barks, and then howls her displeasure at being stuck in the crate.

Her eyes already look so much better, and since her final shots are the same week as her stitches coming out, it will be fun to finally start taking her places. She is a really sweet pup, but is one of the more vocal pups I have worked with. But she is eager to learn and very enthusiastic about FIR and GTB!

Millie is coming along very nicely. We had a eval with our CFR a couple of weeks ago, and she did everything very nicely. Loose leash, different surfaces, ignored distractions
: she was great!

Marley and I are now in our 3rd week of dog class, and I am loving the challenge (so is Marley, he comes home exhausted after every class!) Dante continues to love the warm weather, yummy treats, and new toys to play with. He has a very cute Grrrona (fashioned after the Corona bottles) toy that he loves to carry around.

Picture post covering all the pups, graduation, and more in the next couple of days.


Emily and the Labradors said...

Poor Paris! That doesn't sound like much fun at all... except maybe the Kongs. And good job Millie! Can't wait for some photos too :)

Madison and Butler said...

Poor Paris! That's good her eyes are looking better though! Sounds like Milicent is doing great! Can't wait to see more pictures!