Tuesday, August 25, 2009

News, news, NEWS!

So, once again, a very long over due post.

I will start by wishing Millie a very happy BIRTHDAY today! She is such a fantastic dog, and I wish I could keep her forever...but our time together is drawing to an end. She will most likely be leaving for her breeder eval at the end of October. I will post more info as it becomes available.

Paris is growing, maturing, and loving life! She turned 6 months last week and is such a fun puppy to work with! I always feel like yelling "incoming" when I ask her to down, as she just throws herself on the ground, looking up eagerly at me. She has her spay surgery and entropium (round 2) surgery this Thurs, so we are trying to pack in as many fun things as possible, as it is 2 weeks of crate time after her surgery. Her evaluation for the school program is Sept 15th, and I will find out whether she goes to a high school student at the end of Sept or stays with me.

I will most likely be getting a puppy on the Sept or Oct truck if both my girls are gone. Details will follow at a later date...

Marley continues to progress well during obedience training. We now go to different places around town in order to socialize the dogs and proof behaviors in different environments.

Dante is getting better about his shyness at work that seemed to come up randomly and now chooses when he wants to go. Otherwise he loves fetch, car rides, and being top dog!

More stories and posts with pictures to come soon (I hope!).

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Taelor and Pilaf said...

Sounds like everyone is doing well! Funny how most dogs are being spayed/ neutered by GDB now. None of my dogs have ever been altered till they were back in trainng! Interesting...

Good luck to Paris for a quick recovery!