Monday, September 14, 2009

Puppy News, Millie and Paris

Well, it looks like Paris will be sticking with me.  Only 6 of 11 pups went to the HS program, and so Miss Paris will be finishing her time here in PC!   Yay, no snow housebreaking!!!  We have an eval with our CFR tomorrow night where Paris's progress will be evaluated and Millie will have her final eval before her recall.  Paris is completely recovered from her spay surgery and second eye surgery and is doing GREAT!  Millie is just fantastic, and I am trying to pack in as many things with her as I can before she goes back.  

It has been fun, now that Paris is older and more reliable for public outings, to go everywhere with two pups.  I hope it is helping to teach them better control around dog distractions, and more self control in general.  We get many more comments on the girls, especially the difference 6 months makes in their calmness and control (though no one believes Paris is only 6 1/2 months!).

Paris is still very vocal and rough when she plays with the other dogs, resulting in lots of time outs.  Has anyone had this problem before, and if so, any other suggestions to helping her control and moderate her play behavior?

I will not be getting a puppy on the truck (unless somehow I was offered a golden pup ;)  and plan on getting another puppy in the spring.  If Millie is pulled as a breeder, I will raise one of her pups when they become available.

Hopefully I will be able to post an update after our eval tomorrow night!


Brittany said...

Are you having Paris play with a drag line on? That helped Hobbs tone it down when he was a puppy. He would also play really rough with our other dog.

The drag line not only reminded him to control himself, it made for easy corrections when he forgot that control.

Sarah and the Pack. said...

Thanks! I have had her play with one on and it has helped a ton! Thanks for the suggestion.