Tuesday, April 27, 2010


From October through the end of April: Rafferty has grown so much, both Marley and Hugo got their therapy dog certifications, and Hugo has started search and rescue training. Dante hibernated and is now ready for warm weather! Rafferty has been a great puppy and in less than two weeks he will have a younger 'brother' or 'sister' to mentor. I am once again starting a puppy for the high school raising program. We are going to have one busy summer...Rafferty continues to mature, Hugo works on wilderness/cadaver search training, Marley gets started on therapy work (and hopefully Splash dogs!), and a new puppy from Guide Dogs for the Blind joins into the mix.

Rafferty sits on a bale of hay at 11 weeks while wearing his puppy coat.

Rafferty sits in front of an old wood fence looking into the distance while wearing his puppy coat.  He is 8.5 months old.


Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB) said...

These photos are awesome!

Erin and GuidePupPompei said...

Man what handsome guy!!

Lauren and Don said...

Rafferty has grown SO much- and is quite the handsome boy! Sounds like a fun summer ahead- can't wait to hear more about the new pup. Hope Hugo's search and rescue training goes well- I was just reading a book about a search and rescue team called Scent of the Missing (by Susannah Charleson). I haven't finished it, but it's great so far.