Monday, July 12, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

Here are some thoughts on summer as told by my dogs...

1. Relax and just enjoy the sun on your face.

Marley sits in the shade with his face in the sun.  He is panting and has his eyes halfway closed
2. Make time to hang out with old and new friends.

Paris, Becky, and Rafferty sit in front of an old wooden cabin.  Paris and becky have their tongues out while Rafferty has his mouth closed.
3. Turn bath time into fun time.

A wet Marley runs down a path bordered by sagebrush with a spray of sunlit water droplets surrounding him.
4. Be enthusiastic

 Becky runs through the dirt.  All 4 feet are in the air and she has a crazy look on her face
5. Share your stuff.

 Hugo stands at the edge of a pond with a yellow frisbee in his mouth as he waits for Paris to get out of the water.
6. Go for a swim.

 Paris swims in the pond.  Just her head and upper back is visible in the water
7. Take a nap in the shade.

Hugo lays in the shade, frisbee between his paws, with his eyes closed.
8. Try your hardest to get dirty!

Marley runs through the dirt with water and mud up in the air.
9. Take a walk and enjoy the great outdoors.

Backlit by the sun Paris wanders through a field of soft wild grasses.
10. Do something you enjoy with a friend.

 Two dogs swim with a ray of sun lighting the otherwise dark water.


Heather and Ellie said...

Paris has such a recognizable face :)

Love the photo of Becky running! Adorable!

Erin and Co. said...

LOL I love those! Great photos!!

Lauren and Don said...

I love this! Great pictures and advice. Dogs sure have the best ideas for summer fun :) I love the photo of the three dogs together, and the "enthusiastic" photo, too.

Did you get the pictures of breeder Samuel I sent you? His breeder keeper was very happy to hear that Rafferty was doing well :)