Sunday, July 27, 2008

What good dogs!

Feeding the dogs at my house can sometimes be quiet the circus. Therefore, I have tried to get everyone into a routine so that dinner can be served with as little chaos and parental screaming as possible. Sometimes the big boys, Marley and Sterling, eat in the garage. Their kennels are out there (don't worry, they still sleep inside!), and as long as they are not latched, they will run over, nose them open, go in, turn around, and sit or lay down. They are so cute when they do this!!

When inside is not too hectic, all the dogs, Missy and Sparky (my mom's two older Dachshunds), Dante, Marley and Sterling will eat inside. It takes two trips to the garage to get every one's food together, and so I usually put Marley and Sterling in down stays. Tonight I did this, and went and gave the small dogs their food, and then set down the big dogs food. The phone rang, and I went to answer it and talked to Tom about this weeks arrangement for dog boarding while I cleaned in the kitchen. I walked back around the corner, and there they were, laying so still and watching me with big eyes. I had forgotten to release them!!!! Sterling even had a little puddle of drool going on from having to be so close to his food. Needless to say I immediately let them eat and gave them LOTS of praise. I just love my dogs.

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Elizabeth and Alana said...

Good dogs! I hope it's okay if I link to you.