Sunday, August 3, 2008

California Day 1

Well the first day of our trip was very fun!  We did the follow the Instructor Activity with Guide Dogs where you follow guide dogs in training.  We saw three different levels, one who was just starting routes and learning the concepts of curbs, another who was in harness and learning more complex skills, and finally an almost finished dog who was just polishing off what they had learned.  It was very cool to see all these amazing dogs: and do they ever walk fast!!!   I also saw Angel, who was a beginning demo dog for another group, and we saw Sage, another beginning demo dog from the high school raising program.  Our almost finished dog looked just like Sterling, just the female version!  Her name is Fable.

Angel, doing an awesome job!

This was our first demo dog, notice the soft handle.  This is so the instructor can pick it up or drop it while working with the dog and not really effect their movement, just give them a sense of pulling.
Food reward at curbs!  Man they love the curbs!

Our beautiful second dog.  Already stopping at those curbs.

Checking out the intersection.
She looks so much like Sterling!

After training we went back to Guide Dogs and picked up our puppies who had been boarding there while we did our activity.  Then it was time to go to the beach.  We went to Stinson beach which was absolutely beautiful.  After some initial hesitation, Sterling starting jumping the waves as hey came in and swimming in the water!  Tired pups and lots of bathes followed our wonderful time at the beach.


Emily and Douglas said...

Wow! Before I even read your story I just about fell over because I thought the yellow dog looked like Angel! Thanks for snapping that picture!!! The beach looks like so much fun too!

Anna and Lawrence said...

Yay for Angel!! I hope Lawrence will be one of the demo dogs for OR....