Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Sterling is still with me, yay! For how long, no one knows, so each day is special! Motown and Melrose are both in CA for formal training. Sparky, Sterling's other brother here in Utah, has also left for formal training. Shaw is still in phase three, as of last week.

Finals are here and it is crunch time! Good thing I have a puppy to pet for stress relief before test taking.

And my little foster puppy was adopted by some close family friends on Thanksgiving! Now I will get to watch him grow (not that he has very far to go, lol)!


Kelsey, Spike, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

Glad you have a good stress reliever for finals! ;) Ours are coming up in the next few weeks to. Ick.

Megan, Fullerton and Spanky said...

Glad that little guy got adopted, he is so cute! Anyway, thought you should know that Sparky is still here. He was going to leave but they had airline issues so he is staying for a while. They say if someone goes to a graduation they might ask if they would take Sparky before the next puppy truck. So, we will see. Glad Sterling gets to stay for a while longer, and through the holidays! :)