Monday, December 15, 2008


I am done!  Now I finally have time to use my early Christmas present (, lol).  I got a Canon Rebel Xsi digital camera.  I have been kinda slow on using it, due to those annoying finals...but here are some early attempts. (blogger is being slow and won't let me upload alot of pictures)

The table at Thanksgiving.
Mr. Milo, our resident orange tabby.
My foster pup, Walker.  3 month old German Shepherd...amazing what comes into the shelter.
And my beautiful boy Sterling.  Enjoying our first big snowfall.


Anna said...

That's funny--I was just looking into that camera and realizing how much I like it :) Sterling is so handsome!

lindsey said...

awww...that GSD is VERY cute! If I had a spot in my house for another horse--I mean GSD I would ask if I could have him! :) But I don't, so it's not going to happen.