Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rescue dog training, Sterling, sick dogs, and more.

Lots has been going on in the past couple of weeks. The last week of January had me up the Cottonwood Canyons participating in a rescue dog training school for Wasatch Backcountry Rescue. Hiding in snow caves, being buried in trenches, going for a helicopter ride into the backcountry, and of course playing with awesome dogs made it a week I will not forget!

Some pictures, a video, and a short news story about the school can be found at the links!

I have some pictures of my own that I will hopefully post once blogger starts liking me again.

Sterling is on the list to go back on the April truck....unless something changes. Which it may very well. I do not want to say anything until I know for sure.

For the last two days Marley and Sterling have been the diarrhea twins. Having two large dogs be sick all night is NOT fun. But I guess I am just getting prepared for no sleep during housebreaking time with my new pup.

School is moving along, Sterling and I are re-starting at square one for going out in public, as he has once again decided to not like his vest. Again, good practice for a pup: really short, positive trips in places. All without a vest which leaves me with alot of talking/explaining to do.

But wow, I love this dog!


Emily and the Labradors said...

The rescue dog training looks like so much fun! I keep meaning to contact the group out here to see if I can volunteer as a lost person sometime ;) Good luck with Sterling... these dogs sure know how to keep us on our feet and guessing. My dogs were the diarrhea twins too a few weeks ago (each for their own reasons though), so I feel your pain!

Madison and Andros said...

That must be difficult! Hope he gets better about his vest!

Becky said...

Wow ... you are doing some incredible work - fascinating link, etc!