Thursday, May 13, 2010

FunDay 2010!

Ok, ok, so I know it is still over 2 months until Funday...but I like to get my plans done EARLY!    We are driving out 2 days before and coming back the day after Funday.  I would LOVE to to a meet-up with any other bloggers/puppy raisers: you can leave a comment or email me privately.  We plan on doing 'Follow the Trainer', Muir Woods, Pier 39, and at least one beach trip.  If anyone is familiar with the area and can recommend any other activities (that would be good to do with 3 people and 3 guide dog pups) please let me know.

I am really excited for this trip as I did not make it out last year.  This year the theme is 'Western' and I am currently on the hunt for some nice cowboy hats for the dogs.  Already have a black one for Miss Becky...but Janetta and Rafferty need tan hats so they have some contrast.

A note on my posting (or lack there-of this week)....I have been meaning too...but with over 20 new animals in at work, plus SAR training and a new puppy, I have just been a little behind.  Hopefully I will start catching up and staying on target!

A big congrats to PARIS who is already in PHASE 1!!!!  At this rate I need to start blocking out Aug/Sept graduation dates for OR :)  Go PARIS!!!

Let me know if you are going to the San Rafael Funday...should be a howlin' good time!


Lauren and Don said...

I'm so excited for Funday!- I didn't get to go last year, even though I live really close. I am also planning on doing follow the trainer, not sure what day yet though. It'd be fun to meet up at Funday.

There is so much to do around here. Muir Woods is nice. Stinson beach is amazing, one of my favorite places to go on hot days. There are some great hikes on Mt. Tam that the dogs would enjoy. There are a lot of fun things to do in SF- The Embarcedero Ferry Building/farmers market and walking from Crissy Field to Ghiradelli Square are some of my personal favorites. There is also Union Square and the stores around there. My absolute favorite thing is the California Academy of Sciences. It is a must see! It was just built and has an aquarium, planetarium, and rainforest exhibits. It has one of the worlds largest living roofs, with lots of plants and such. Not sure if the dogs would find it that interesting though...

Hope to see you at Funday!

Lauren and Don

Megan, Picassa & Paris said...

I am doing Follow the trainer on Friday before Fun Day. I am so excited, I've never been able to do it before. I too missed Fun Day last year and am uber happy I get to go this year and am starting to makes plans too.

I started looking at grad dates today as well, so excited for the Paris. She will do great!

Becky said...

Oh, that sounds like SO much fun. We will be in San Rafael in September so sadly will miss Fun Day. I haven't ever been but hear they are so much fun. That is so cool you are going to follow a trainer -- love Muir Woods, too.

Raiser Erin said...

I'll be up at Funday this year! I love it. I'm also doing a follow the trainer. The Friday before Funday in the morning. :) I know Rockford will be there too (most likely).