Thursday, May 6, 2010

Summer Fun

Well we did it.  Tom and I bought a raft today.  We got hooked on river rafting last summer and have been looking for a used raft.  Found one and got it!  Now to do some outfitting, get some dates set, and head to the river.  Marley and Hugo are going to have another fun summer.  Oh yeah, and we bought a big raft so the dogs would have plently of room.  They are not spoiled at all.  Lucky dogs.

Marley a brindle retriever mix sits on a red rock ledge overlooking the colorado river.  He is wearing an orange lifejacket and looking slightly into the distance with a blue sky behind him


Heather and Ellie said...

Those lucky dogs!
Marley looks quite handsome in his life jacket :)

My Adventure said...

That is soooo fun! Maybe Boone and I shall come rafting!