Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The last days of 2007...

Happy New Year!  Sorry it has been awhile, lots of things going on. 
Here is an update on the last 10 days...


This was lots of fun.  Tom had to work Christmas Eve day, and I went up skiing with him.  I think i hung out more in the patrol shack than I skied, but it was good to be with him.  That night we had a great dinner with Mom, Dad, Michelle, Tom and Myself.  We opened some presents that evening, with Tom getting plenty of socks to last him the rest of the ski season!
He also got some nice flannel shirts, a multi-fuel backpacking stove, a snow saw, and a crystal card for avalanche work.  I received my first ornaments meant for my own tree this year (thanks Grandma!), and will hopefully have a tree next year to put them on!!! Other gifts included ea rings, socks, money (going towards snow stuff!), books (which I have already read), and plenty of clothes!

Sterling tired after playing in the snow, and with stolen wrapping paper, Christmas morning.
Christmas morning brought with it lots more gifts, too many in my opinion!  The dogs got their presents too!  Marley got a food cube, Hugo a new throwing toy for the park, Dante a new squeaky stuffed dachshund, and Sterling a different flavored Nylabone (I need to find some better toys for him, within guide dog guidelines of course!)  We had a great dinner that night as well.
Christmas eve and Christmas day brought with it lots of snow!!!  This has made skiing great, and the dogs very happy!  While I know tourists are good for the economy, if not the environment, my sanity has been severely tested these past weeks.  From stopping randomly in the middle of the street to figure out where they are going, to clogging up the stores, trying to park in our spots at the apartment, and always putting the bar down on the ski lift!!!   

Snow Monster
The dogs love the snow.  There is an area in Park City that has some permanent tunnels for the dogs to go through, much like agility tunnels.  Marley loves them!!!  He will even jump over them.  When spring comes around, I may have to get clearance from the vet to let him do some agility work.

The bar on the ski lift is something that really bugs me.  Of course, if others want it down, I put it down, however the other day I really wouldn't have cared if these people fell off.  Tom (in uniform) and I were going to ride up Payday.  This is a lift that puts 6 people on each chair.  So we all load, Tom on the outside, and me next to him.  We have barley gotten off the ground and these people were trying to put the bar down.  They slammed  and caught the bar on Tom, Tom's pack, and my knee and knee brace.  And these people didn't even care!!!  They just ignored us and pretended like it had not happened.  I still don't know what to say.  Tourists, remember to pack your brain and some common courtesy for the people that live here all the time.

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