Saturday, January 19, 2008

A slow day...

Well, the last couple of days have been really slow at work on account of Sundance. Everyone is out looking at the movie stars; not adopting puppies! The weather hasn't helped either in the puppy adoption department. Not many people look at -10 degrees and think "I want to house train a puppy." Cats are still going at a nice steady pace.

Its been a cold, clear week, and we are finally looking at some snow tomorrow. The cold has been so bad, some nights leaving work I have to pick up Sterling because he starts crying and holding up his paws! Lately I have just been driving up to the door so that I can load everyone very quickly.

Sterling sleeping at work today.

Another Raiser (not GDB) and myself went to movie last night; what a blast! Of course, his dog is 10 months and often passes for a working service dog, whereas Sterling is determined to vacuum the floor everywhere we go. We saw 'I am Legend' and it was great! Though if you have a SDiT or SD, definitely take them, I needed some puppy hugs a couplle of times during the movie. I loved the canine co-star; a beautiful German Shepherd! Now I just hope that not everyone wants to go out and buy a GSD.

Sterling went on food protocol last week because of his walking in vest issues, and we have made great improvements! It has enabled me to actually make it to class without dragging a puppy.

I want to go up to Main Street tomorrow and work Sterling and Marley in the crowds; it should be pretty fun!

Dante just enjoying the slow day at work.

Not many pictures right now, but some of Sterling at school will come later next week. Not from that Theater class though; I dropped it because it just wasn't the right fit for me. Going to do a try at Medical Terminology instead.

Happy Tourist Season for Park City. And please feel free to comment! I am trying to be much better about responding to them and making more of my own.

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Emily and Suede said...

Sterling is adorable :) Glad your doing food work now, a non-walking puppy is a pain. haha. Good luck in the crowds!