Sunday, January 13, 2008


Getting Ready!
Today was the first trial run for what will hopefully be many good seasons of skijoring with the dogs. We went out to East Canyon, a pretty little area just west of where my parent's house is. There is a trail there that we like to hike in the summer.  We mostly stayed on the road, but did make two side trips.  One to do a 'dog problem' for Hugo.  Tom went a ways out and hid, then I sent Hugo to find him.  He made a pretty direct line to Tom, not at all following his tracks. Maybe air scenting?  Many more trials will tell.  
Starting out.
There they go.
The view in East Canyon!
Tom also skied a little shot just off the road.  The dogs followed him up, but by this time they were so tired they had a hard time going through the snow.  I kept trying to get them to come down, but boys will be boys!
Tom starting down. Making that tele turn.
Paving the way for the boys.
Here they come!
Marley and Hugo following Tom's tracks
Almost there!
Snow Dogs!
Aren't they tired yet?

Coming off the slope.
Praise for a job well done.

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