Tuesday, March 4, 2008

ABC Gum...

Sterling has discovered gum.  

Not just any old kind either...that very special gum that has been pre-chewed!  It is kept in convienent and easy to reach places, just for hardworking doggies on the go!  Wait until your human is eating their lunch, listening in class, or just having a conversation...and yum!  Chew it until the flavor is just right, and then share it with that special someone!  They really like it when you put it in their lap!

Yup, thats right...gum stuck underneath...just about anything.  I really never even thought about it, until the other night in class when Sterling is eating a piece right off the bottom of my chair!  Now I am having to make sure he is in a down, with his head down too!  Silly little puppy.  And he does really like to spit it in my lap.  Yuck.

Two weeks until I have to leave him, and Dante, Marley, and Hugo (and Tom!), for 9 days.  Cancun for spring break, with my family.  It will be fun, and warm (no snow!)  but I will really miss my pups.  Dogs really should just be able to go on vacation too!  Sterling will be a a new puppy sitters (first time sitting for them!), I hope he behaves!

Well, time to study for WFR.  At least last week they covered stuff I already know!  Altitude illness and avalanches are a routine topic at home!

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Emily and Suede said...

Eww. Luckily none of my pups picked up that habit!