Friday, March 14, 2008

Leaving my Pups....

On Sunday I will be leaving all my pups for a week!  I am going to Cancun with my family for spring break.  Tom will keep Hugo and Marley, our neighbor is staying at the house with Dante, Missy and Sparky (My parent's  elderly dachshunds), and Milo, Gizmo, and Elise (The feline residents).

 Sterling is going to a puppy sitters!  This will be their first time watching a GDB pup.  Sterling will get to experience middle school, a young child, and other labs!  I know he will have a good time and be a good boy.  

Sterling at 9 1/2 weeks.  Just a little bigger than Dante!  Dante is 6 lbs, Sterling is 10.5lbs.
Sterling last week, wanting his belly scratched before class.
I wish that I could take one of my dogs with me, but the resort we are going to does not even allow people with working guide dogs/service dogs to bring them!!!!  Thank god for the ADA here.  I do not realize how amazing that is until I start looking at other countries. 


Emily and Suede said...

O!! Have fun, and try to not miss your pups too much!

Kelsey and Spike said...

Sounds like fun, even without your pups, too bad you couldn't bring any of them! Hope Sterling does well at the sitters.

Brittany said...

Oh I LOVE Cancun! I went for my honeymoon which and it was amazing!

Have you been before? You will definatly have to post about it when you get back. Sterling will do awesome for the puppysitters.