Wednesday, March 5, 2008

More Pictures

This is again from a hike over the summer.  The boys were still smallish, and boy did they have to jump to get over some of those logs!  Dante would just hop his way through.
Really, what can I say?  Big dog, little dog.
Don't worry, we are parked!  Dante just crawled in my lap and fell asleep.  Too cute!
This is from the first summer I had Dante.  We were hanging out before class, and he was so little he couldn't even see in the door!
Hugo loves hanging out on chairs.  He was actually sleeping like this!

Dante loves to sit on top of the computer at work.  He hops up there and then wants to sit on my lap if I am there.  If not, he just hangs out and watches the world.

I was going through my pictures, and came across this picture from the GDB Christmas party.  He was little!  Everyone keeps saying how big he is getting, but it is hard for me to see it when I am with him all of the time!  Little Sterling is growing up.

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