Thursday, January 15, 2009

Eval Saturday

At 2pm, on Saturday, Sterling will be evaluated by my CFR.  While I would love to see him go on to formal training, whatever he decides to do will make me happy.  A piece of my heart will alway be with this guy no matter where he ends up.

Lets hope for a good eval!


thepuppyraiser said...

Goodness he's gorgeous. Those Denzel eyes won me over ;)

Good luck on your eval bud!

Megan and Fullerton said...

Good luck Sterling. We will keep our fingers crossed for a good eval. :)

Princess Coral said...

Good luck Sterling!
Keep our fingers & paws crossed:)

Lisa and Ellie said...

Good luck Sterling!

Erin,Bubs,Tex and PN4 said...

Love the pic! He looks so handsome!! Good luck!!

Erin and the dachshunds

Kelsey, Spike, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

Good luck to Sterling! Anxious to hear how he does! :)