Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lost Pup Found!

DONA ANA COUNTY, N.M. -- A guide dog missing since Dec. 26 was found Wednesday at a farm near Las Cruces, the dog's trainer Beverly Farmersaid. Farmer said she received a tip that two teenagers were allegedlytrying to sell and then decided to keep Argos, the 10-month-old yellow labrador who was being trained for the Guide Dogs for the Blind program. Farmer said she contacted a man who knew one of the two teenagers, who directed her to a house in Mesilla Park near Las Cruces. She said she talked to the teenager's father, who led her to a farm north of LasCruces. A neighbor directed her to a road where she spotted Argos. Farmer said she called the dog and he jumped into the car. Police were not called, and no charges have been filed at this time, Farmer said. She said Argos was fine. Argos is being raised by a volunteer family from Denver who visited Las Cruces for the holidays. Guide Dogs for the Blind is a nonprofit organization that breeds, raises and trains dogs then places them with people that are blind or visually impaired free of charge.

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Megan & Fullerton said...

That has got to be every puppy raisers worst nightmare. I am glad that Argos is back home safe and sound!