Monday, January 12, 2009


Well my CFR looks like she will be coming out earlier than expected, and that may mean a sooner decision about Sterling.  I really do think he has reached the limits of what I can do with him.  He is an awesome dog with amazing obedience, such a love to be around, and good public manners.  However, he does get a little stressed in some situations.  With him being my first dog, I do not know how much that could effect him and if they can work through it in formal training.  I hope so, but if not, I know he would love pet life too!  I have all online classes this semester so that I do not have to worry about leaving a baby pup for long periods of time.

Warning...little bit of a rant...

Yesterday I took Marley down to the unofficial dog park.  It is not really a dog park, just a field that a bunch of us congregate on to let our dogs play.  Well, there are some unofficial rules that go with this park.  You have to clean up after your dog, no aggressive dogs, and you have to watch your dog to make sure they do not push another dog over the edge!!!  Well there is a women down there who I ran into over the summer.  She would go down, stand in the middle of the park, and make her dogs sit there.  Then, if any dog comes over to her dogs (which are super special cause they come from Germany, you know, lol.)  she will yell at the owner, and then kick the dog if they do not get away fast enough.  She did this to Marley over the summer, kicked him so hard that it knocked the wind out of him, just for trying to greet another dog in a friendly manner.

Yesterday she had a new pup with her that was being really annoying to the older dogs. Running over, jumping at their faces, trying to take their toys, ect.   Marley, after being repeatedly jumped on, (despite me intercepting the pup numerous times) let out a growl and this women yells " Don't bring your dog here if he eats puppies!"  What the... 

Anyways, I let her have it, and now no one will talk to her.  I hope she stops coming back.  It is a dog park, and they are dogs!!!  Noise happens, that is one of the ways they talk to one another.  I wish people would educate themselves on basic canine interaction before they ever take their dogs to a social setting such as this.

Sorry about the rant!  Lol.  My club goes to see Marley and Me tonight, so hopefully I will have pictures from that.


Brittany said...

Thats crap! I hate when stupid people come to the dog park. I feel sorry for that lady's poor dogs! Imagine what they go through at home where no one can report her!

I take my boys to either the sandy one or the one on 5400 that requires a special licence to go in....we don't have one and just keep our eyes peeled for the animal control truck. There is a dog park up here in Ogden, but it is closed from november to april!

Good luck with Sterling's evaluation....sometimes they just don't want to be guides. That was Hobbs' excuse!

Elizabeth and Alana said...

I'm sure Sterling will end up in the right place. You'll probably find that your second pup will be much easier because of your experience. The first one is the hardest.

I hope that lady stops coming to the dog park. I would have been pretty ticked about that, too.

I'll mention you to Denzel's raiser! I think she'll want to get in contact.

Kelsey, Spike, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

Ugh, some people are so hard to deal with.

Good luck with whatever happens with Sterling, I hope he's at least given the chance to become a guide! :)