Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hugo and Shane

During February, my rescue received an email saying there had been a litter of very young puppies dumped at the humane society of Utah. They did not have the resources to care for the pups, as they still needed to be nursing, and were going to euthanize them unless a rescue could take them. I drove down to Salt Lake the next morning and picked up the five pups. Three females, and two males, one of which was the runt.

When I got back to the store, I said I was worried about the smaller pup, and volunteered to foster him. After checking with Tom (who was getting very used to my random foster pups) I said I would take him and one other to keep him company, as they do better together. I went back and forth between the other male and one of the females. I finally decided to keep the brothers together and home we went. They were 3 weeks old.

A day at the base of PCMR.

Many sleepless nights followed, with Tom and I bottle feeding and constantly cleaning up after the pups. After they had gotten somewhat bigger, they moved from the cat carrier to the bathtub, which proved an excellent spot, because when they made a mess, we could just wash it out!
Getting into trouble. They are 6 weeks old here. Hugo is on the left, Shane (Otis) on the right.
Tom became very attached to Hugo, the larger male, and decided he wanted to keep him, and possibly train him as an avalanche dog. Shane (Now Otis), went to one of Tom's co-workers who lives just up the street.
Hugo is a great dog, whom Tom calls "my buddy." He is very responsive, and has been fun to train. The most fun we have had is playing hide-and-seek. Hugo gets so excited he almost cannot contain himself!
Hugo, the first dog for Tom, and the second in our little family.

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Erin & Midnight said...

Hi my name is Erin and I'm raising a FBL named Midnight for the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind! She's the third dog I've raised for GDF!
I've linked you on my blog please let me know if you don't want this!
Midnight's blog is private, and if you would like to read it please email me

Also, I work at a doggie daycare and we are also a foster home to two different rescue groups here in my home town! I soo wish I could foster in my home,but this is close enough :-)
Good luck with the pups!