Thursday, December 20, 2007

Let It Snow...

Well, I am trying to get pictures up, but since I cannot get Internet access on my laptop here at my parent's house, and all the pictures are on there...I may just have to wait.
I went skiing Tuesday for the first time this season, and wow my knee hurt!!!! Tom found this funny sticker that I really agree with..

A diamond is forever?

I really hope that clears up, I want to be able to ski!!! And this year, since I am skiing at PCMR, I can't look like such a fool. Imagine being hauled off the mountain by one of Tom's friends. Sad, sad. I skied down with a torn MCL last year (I didn't know it was torn, though it really hurt) to avoid being a 'stupid call' that the patrolers are always talking about.

Sterling, Sterling. I cannot get him to walk on lead with his vest on. Food, desensitisation, praise, coaxing, nothing has worked!!! So I have not been able to take him anywhere, as it really doesn't look good if you try to drag a puppy around on a leash. So hopefully it is something he will outgrow. That is what the vet thinks.

Sterling is loving the snow!!! I do not have a fenced yard, so to let him run through it without dragging him with me, he has been going out on the deck. He just runs, back and forth, back and forth, eating snow as he goes. So cute!

We got Hugo some Ruff Wear booties (they even have Vibram soles!), since he gets balls of ice between his toes, even when we trim the fur around his paws. He pranced around for a bit, but ignored them once we got to the park! I will post pictures of his booties later (they even match the color of his pack)!

Marley is happy as always, and Dante really likes being inside more than out. Too cold! Tom has to work Christmas Eve day and Christmas day, so I think I will go ski some runs with him both days, as I have them off. He is at Payday though, so I may try and go get the fast-tracks pass upgrade, so I do not have to wait in line!!!!

Well, pictures will come soon. Happy snow days!

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Erin & Midnight said...

Midnight will only walk for short spans of a couple of feet before stopping and not wanting to this age I'm generally carrying the pups through places a lot especially when I need to get things done!