Sunday, December 9, 2007


Dante, my sweet little boy! Dante is my first dog (that I raised), and defies all pre-conceptions of how a small dog acts! He runs in the snow, out-kikes the big dogs, and loves to play! He is also very sweet and submissive with children. I don't really know where he picked that up! I got Dante June 2, 2006. He went to class with me, came hiking, and traveled with me to MN the first few months I had him.

At the time I got Dante, we were raising a litter of kittens for Summit County Friends of Animals, the local rescue. They were 4 weeks old, Dante was 9 weeks, and they loved to play! There were six kittens in the litter, Milo (whom we kept), Andrew, Oreo, Rose, Kiwi, and Bear.

Here is an action shot of Dante and Rose.Milo loves to get into places he shouldn't.
And the mixing bowl has been popular with others too. Here are Zeus and Venus, two kittens bottle-feed and fostered last year.

Oh! Sterling is barking, off to let him out!


Robin said...

I enjoyed your blog. I love animals, especially dogs. The pictures are too cute.

I found your blog because we both listed Merle's Door as a favorite book. Maybe we could do posts about the book to let others know about it.

Have fun in the snow. I'm in Minnesota and we have a foot of the white stuff. I have an 18-year-old Sheltie that doesn't do so well in snow. Today she got pushed off her ramp and landed in a snow bank. I was right there to lift her out and she was ok.
I'll be back to see the pictures and read about your fur kids.

The Old Man & His Dog said...

Nice pictures. I found you because we have Merle's Door in common also. Looks like we've started a little club.