Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Sorry I have not posted lately, time has just gotten away from me!
Here is a quick update, with pictures to come later.

He is doing well, very well up until this afternoon in fact. But then I got a bigger vest from my leader, and now we are back to square one! He defiantly has vest reactivity, and I am almost at a loss of what to do. Even with the food protocol he is balking in the new vest. We are gong to switch back to the small for a little while, but he cannot wear it forever! This is just such a weird problem. I have packs, vests, and coats for my other dogs, and they have never balked at it! Even booties on Hugo went fine after a couple minutes. Sterling has body sensitivity to some degree I guess.

In good news though he is now sleeping outside his crate and doing excellent on recalls and stays for his age!!! I can even call him when he is playing with other dogs. Dante's recall has really improved too, as he figured out very quickly that he will get a treat if he comes too!

The other boys...

Marley is doing so well; I think I might put him back into training if his evaluation with the vet goes well. Skijoring seems like a possibility too. I might start tracking work with Hugo in the coming weeks, since right now "search" means "find Tom".

Dante is wonderful as always; I think my parents like him more than me! It is such a complement though, they are always commenting on how much they like his personality and behavior: all a credit to my amazing puppy-raising skills! (Well, maybe not, but it might be!)

Same as always, rapidly coming up to midterms. I just do not get the whole medical terminology thing. Oh well, I am trying, and that is what counts, right?

Guide Dogs...
One of the dogs from our group that went back for formal training in November has been pulled to be a breeder!!! The other two are still in phase three.

Upcoming events....
Sunday is Sterling's 5 month birthday!
Thursday is Hugo's 1 year Birthday!
February 29th is guide dog evaluations. (Got to work on 'down!)
End of month...midterms (bleh)

I will post pictures by the end of the week!

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lindsey said...

Which dog was pulled to be a breeder?