Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Funday, Pier 39 and Hyde St.

A mostly picture post of the last two days of the California trip.

Sammy and Sterling, the only two pups to show up to our littermate meeting!  Sammy was MUCH bigger than Sterling!
Bracken, the newest member of Summit Guide Dogs.  His raisers also raised his dad, Bingham.  He is one BIG boy!
Ok, what is that sound?
Sea lions?
But it sounds like a dog...a whole lot of them.
Oh well, time to take a group picture. Right to left... Owen, Mario, Lisbon, Shaw, Sterling.  Not in picture, Melrose and Bracken.
Blowing in the wind.
Can you say hi?
Sterling steering a really big wheel.  Well, maybe not.  But cute anyway!
Those were the highlights from our trip.  I will be going again next year with a different puppy to star in pictures.  Sterling will always be my first and biggest star of puppy raising, no matter what career he chooses.  I love this dog!


Kelsey, Spike, and Burgess said...

Looks like you had just as much fun as we did! Bracken is just as big as his brother, and they're both SUPER cute! :D We talked with his raiser a bit after Fun Day, and she was really nice.

Emily, Suede, and Burgess said...

Looks like tons of fun! You got some great pictures of Sterling. He sure is big boy :) Bracken is adorable, just like his brother!

Anna and Lawrence said...

Look how BIG Sterling has gotten! My oh my!