Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thoughts on Recall and a new puppy

I have been doing ALOT of thinking about Sterling, recall, new pups, and GDB in general. If Sterling does go back in October, that puts me right in the middle of the semester, with midterms and classes in full swing, making it a bit harder to get a pup. I did do it last year with Sterling, in November....

I have watched people put dogs on the truck and not get a pup the same day, and I have watched them get a pup the same day, and it seems easier on emotions if you have a pup to cry with that first night.

I think I will get a boy, girl, black, yellow.... stay the same, or mix it up so I am not reminded of Sterling? They are all precious and hard to give back, but the first pup it seems especially so.

I have never had a female dog of my own, anyone who has raised both care to share the differences between the sexes? How about between colors. And just what are those LGX about?

Thanks for any response you have!


Erin and Midnight said...

IMO...It is a LOT easier to have something to focus on when you go home..cause going home to an empty house SUCKS!!!! lol
Since GDF only SOMETIMES gives us the pup we want, i have to go into each puppy with the thought that this one is different.
I'll admit it was hard with Midnight and Rei being the same color/breed..but only in my mind.I could tell from our first ride home that this girl was different. Male vs. don't go through heat?! LOL
Anyways that just me!

Emily and Douglas said...

I'm glad you are going to get another pup! The timing is never ideal, but somehow we always manage to make it work.

I personally like requesting something different each time... for exactly the reason you mentioned: not reminding me too much of the last. My pups have been: FYL, FBL, MBL, FYL, MBL... so I've never had 2 in a row of the same. They never guarantee, but I think Barb tries hard for us :)

I've only raised labs, but both male and female. I know some people swear there are big differences, but all my puppies have had such unique personalities that I can't make any generalizations. I honestly don't have a preference either way (although I do prefer the black ones in general... purely for shedding reasons... the black hair doesn't show up as much on my work clothes).

Good luck! We've got 2 puppies in our club waiting to find out if they are going back this fall too!

Alison said...

I definitely think it is easier to give your pup back when you know you're getting another one. As for male/female, here in New Zealand, some people say the boys are more laid back and the girls are more quirky. I've had all girls and they have definitely been quirky. I think the major downside to having a girl is that you have their heat to deal with. I just got my first male to raise, a Golden Retriever, and he's only 10 weeks old so unfortunately I can't compare much at the moment. I have also had a Golden Retriever/Labrador Retriever cross and she was wonderful. The thought behind breeding them is that you get the best of the Lab and the best of the Golden and hopefully tone down the negatives of the two. They tend to be less foody but they can be stubborn (a trait from the goldens). My puppy was pretty close to perfect so I had a really good experience with the cross and I wouldn't hesitate to have one again! If you'd like to read my blog, email me at and I'll send you an invite!

Alison & Emjay & Utah

Kelsey, Spike, and Burgess said...

Getting another pup really does make it easier! I've done it both ways, and getting one the same day was soo much better. :)

I've never raised a female, and I'm not sure about needing to get a different color or gender. I suppose it might help, but Burges is a MYL just like Spike, and he's so different in personality that he hardly ever reminds me of Spike. I'm sure all colors and genders are wonderful, so why not draw out of a hat between FBL, FYL, and MYL and put in an app for that? Hehe.

As for the crosses, if you want a pup on the same day that Sterling goes back, it probably couldn't be a cross. Since they have so few golden breeders right now, they're not having very many cross litters, and I believe the waiting list just keeps growing. ;) They are wonderful though!