Friday, August 29, 2008

School, snow, and Recall.

The tenative news for the puppy truck....Sterling will not be on it this winter! Yay! They bumped back some of the dogs from the Oct 1 truck, and now it looks like Sterling will be here for snow (which may happen this weekend). Now if only I can walk (graduation this spring from college) with him, but that would make him an OLD guy when he goes back. I really don't care at this point, I just am happy for all the time I get to spend with him.

This week was the first week of school for me, and with a drawing class, a photography class, and only one major class and an internship, it will give me alot of time to focus on perfecting Sterling's training. He did wear his vest for the first day of each class, but now we have switched off it again, and as usual the difference is night and day. It does require a little more explaining, but I put his "guide dog puppy" vest strap around his leash and that seems to catch most people's eyes. That or the fact that I usually have a hat on that says Guide Dogs for the Blind. I wish there was some way to get him used to a harness so that I can see if that is going to be a problem, because without the vest on he is almost perfect!!!

That gives me alot of time to consider what my next pup will be, or if I will just say, "suprise me!"


Emily and Douglas said...

I'm glad you get to keep him a little longer! Also glad to hear he is making such good progress!

Anonymous said...

I too am glad you were able to keep him a little longer. It will also give more time in proofing all he needs to know.

Kelsey, Spike, and Burgess said...

Yay! I'm so glad you get to keep Sterling a little longer, hopefully it will help him with his vest. You're right though, who knows, he may not mind the harness at all! Can't wait to hear what you put in an app for...whether it's a surprise or not. Maybe now that you have longer, a cross won't seem so out of reach? ;)

Emily, Suede, and Burgess said...

Yay!! That's great news you get to keep him longer! Hope it helps him work out the rest of his issues :)

Brittany said...

That is great that you get to keep him until spring! Hopefully he will improve even more by then.