Monday, November 3, 2008

Nov 3, 2008

Either way, History will be made tomorrow.  So here are some completely non-political pictures!   
I love these chairs...they are old and funky!  This is Sterling hanging out in my photography class.

The puppy truck was fun, but really short.  They were early, so when I got there, pups had already been handed out, and one of my group members had already left!  Thursten and his raiser were still there, and so I attempted (!) to get some pictures of this wrinkly little guy!
Meeting Sterling...oh yeah, time to play.
I love Sterling so much, he is my puppy sitter!  He is so gentle and sweet with babies!
Oh, only a nose as Thursten tries to examine the whole world.
Finally he sits down...
And time for puppy sleep...
Angel hanging out, waiting to go home!
And retired guide Ellis going home with Angel.  Their mom is going to be busy!
Winter is coming, and we have had some spectacular skies recently.
Sterling is NOT a happy cowboy....
The group doing the dog parade on Main St.  Left to right...Angel Stella, Riley and Koda as dogs, Deso as Sarah Palin, cowboy Sterling, and robot Hugo.
Me with my cowboys...and Hugo robot hazard...
Driving out of a cloud this morning.  Snow is on the way!


Emily, Suede, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

O my goodness, the cowboy costumes are adorable!! And I like the robot too :)

Sarah and the Pack. said...

haha, Hugo sure didn't. I think it was because he kept running into stuff.

Emily and the Labradors said...

OK, I'm a little behind! That picture of Ellis is hilarious! They are definitely much happier now that they are home!