Monday, November 24, 2008

Take me home for the holidays....

And then forever, of course!  Hi, my name is Brutus, and I am a 13 week old Chihuahua.  I was turned into the shelter after the person who bred my mom found out breeding is expensive, and good breeders don't make any money!  (My mom's c-section was $600.)

Now I am staying with a nice family and all their dogs.  I really like the other Chihuahua here, but I get along with the lab and Great Pyrenees mix too!  I am learning not to chase the cats and to go outside to do my business.  

I will be about 6lbs when full grown.  Do you know anyone who needs a small dog to warm their heart and lap?  Contact my foster mom!


Brittany said...

He is so cute!! If I thought for even a second my hubby would go for owning a little dog I would offer to keep him!

Emily and the Labradors said...

Awweee... I hope you get a home for the holidays Brutus! I'd take you myself, but I'm afraid you might squished around here!