Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Winter is here!

More snow today...about 6 inches total in the yard!  Both the bog dogs were loving it, they will take a big snort of snow and then go running around like crazy.  Marley, being the mountain dog he is, loves to lay in the snow.  

On campus, Sterling kept sniffing the snow and then trying to do labby laps!  I felt so mean correcting him, but working time is working time.  After class I got out the long line and let him have his fun.  I cannot wait to start going on winter hikes with the dogs, hopefully I can get some good pictures of Sterling in the snow.

In other news.... Maggie, Madden and Sage will all graduate on Sat.  Fairmont's partner was unable to finish training, and so Fairmont is back in class.  Hopefully they have sunny skies in California.


Emily and the Labradors said...

My goodness! I hope it waits a little longer to snow here. I am not emotionally prepared for snow yet!

Princess Coral said...

Hi Sarah & the Doggies,

Thank you for visiting my blog and linking to yours:) I'm all for new friends!
Snow?!?! It sure sounds cold over there! Sending CA sunshine to your way! If the weather is like this in Northern CA, the graduation will be nice!

Denise said...

no problem with linking to my blog

Denise & Catalina