Thursday, October 22, 2009

24 things for 24 hours left....

With less than a day remaining with Millie, I thought I would do a post just about her.
These are 24 things that make Millie a special and unique girl.

1. Millie is always happy. This girl never misses a beat.
2. She LOVES her Nylabones. I have a big basket that she will go over to and pull out her chosen bone.
3. She has a great loose leash walk!
4. She loves to play with other dogs.
5. If I am sitting on the floor she will come and sit in my lap.
6. She will lick milk off of baby kittens.
7. When she runs she looks like she is frolicking
8. She LOVES dinner. She starts drooling the min the bowl comes out.
9. Millie is very sensitive to moods and will act silly to make you feel better.
10. She is great with kids.
11. She loves playing with her Jolly Ball, though I swear she is going to knock someone out one of these days.
12. I only have to look at her for her to come for a pet.
13. She is a pretty neat water drinker.
14. She will swim!
15. She LOVES Kongs!!! She will drop it and watch it bounce. Even down the stairs.
16. She runs around like a crazy dog after a bath.
17. She prances when she knows she is going for a walk.
18. She likes to lick my hand, or fingers, to get my attention.
19. She is so smart.
20. She is so loving.
21. She loves to 'work'.
22. She has never had an accident in a building.
23. She is a joy to work with.
24. I will miss her and her wonderful personality. I know this girl is going to do great things.


Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

What a terrific dog Millie is! Hope you enjoy your day together. Can't wait to see how well she's going to do in training!

mj said...

You must have really mixed feelings saying goodbye to such a wonderful dog. She sounds perfect for the work that she's being trained for...good work on your part. :o))

Taelor, Pilaf, and Cartier said...

Awww, good luck Millie in this next stage of your life!

You did an absolutely fantastic job with her and I am sure she will do fabulously in doggy college! =D

Becky said...

Oh what a nice post - what a sweetie. Hope your day has gone well and tomorrow, too.