Monday, October 12, 2009

Puppy Delay...

Well it looks like I am going to have a break, albeit a short one, between sending Millie off to college and getting my new little pup. I had originally thought I would be getting my pup on the 29th and sending Millie back on the 31st, giving me two fun days of overlap. Instead Millie will be leaving (most likely in a training van) on the 21st, and my new pup will arrive on the 29th as the puppy truck makes its way to Colorado.

That will make for one sad send off as no one will be getting a cute little pup to cry into. I will probably end up watching another pup while I wait for my own to arrive.

No word yet on what I am getting though!


Taelor, Pilaf, and Cartier said...

Awww, those will be a sad few days. I experienced the same thin between Eagle and Franklin. I had to wait about a week because Franky was a transfer. Those few days felt like forever... DX

I love all of the fall pictures in the last post!!! So cute! Marley is such a doll. =)

lindsey said...

That kind of stinks! But might make the anticipation of the new puppy even MORE exciting!!! :) Enjoy Millie for the last week that you have her!