Friday, November 6, 2009

A little bit of the wild...

Sometimes when looking at different dogs, I have a really hard time believing they were once descended from wolves. Especially with my little dog, Dante. He is a chihuahua, and doesn't really make it on the blog much. It is not because I don't love him...its more because he is just so easy and good there is really never much to say. But he is my first dog, and one of my heart dogs. Marley is my other heart dog for a different reason: anyone meeting Marley would never describe him as an "easy" dog. But I think that is part of why I love him so much: he has taught me so much about dog training, dog body language, and dogs in general. He is the one who introduced me to big dogs (and Guide Dogs after that), so I owe alot to him.

But I digress. Back to dogs and wolf ancestry. Dante is about as far from wild as you can get: always has a soft bed to sleep in, inside most of the day, and just a pampered pooch. Last night as I was reading in bed, he displayed a very "wild" type of behavior. He buried his food! Now let me explain...since Dante and Marley love to sleep on my bed, I have some blankets there for them to snuggle in. When Dante got his treat last night, he started to bury the treat in the blankets. He would dig the blankets up, put the treat under them, and then use his muzzle to push the the blankets back over his stash. Then he would look at me, find his treat, dig it back up, and repeat the process.

Dante a black and tan chihuahua
Such a funny sight to watch a little Chihuahua bury his "kill" in soft blankets on a big bed.


Kate Richardson said...

The mental image that I have of that tiny dog doing something utterly "feral" is amazing!! Even with the bigger dogs, I often find myself marveling even when a bigger dog does something like that. It's very true that those natural instincts never go away. Amazing, huh?

Deborah said...

I would never think of my Mr Chips coming from a Wolf. Interesting though. Dante is just too cute!