Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Rafferty came from a nice big litter. There were 4 black pups, and 5 yellow pups. He has 5 brothers and 3 sisters. Here are some pictures of two of his brothers!

This is Rivet, who was a whole 2.5 lbs bigger at 11 weeks than Rafferty. And I thought he was big!
Riley appears to be one of the smaller pups, and is a black lab like Rafferty.
So far I have found the names for two of his sisters, Roxanne, a yellow lab (who is being raised by Sarita's raisers), and Reva, also a yellow lab. Rockford and Rivet are yellow lab brothers. Riley is a black lab.
So I am missing information on one sister and two brothers. If you have any info on their whereabouts please let me know!


Mandy and Terence said...

have your leader talk with sharon kret at gdb... she can tell you the rest of the names if nothing else.

Deborah said...

Very cute puppies, I hope you find the information you need~