Thursday, November 5, 2009

Puppy Pictures...the process.

Well, Rafferty did not actually get to trick or treat this year, or really participate at all. But he did get to have some cute pictures taken in his halloween costume (and yes, it is the same one Uncle Sterling wore last year). I also got some pictures of him in his puppy coat. He is so funny about having his picture taken. At first he wants to get up, and I have him sit, and then he pops up again, I have him sit, and so on, until finally he sits and looks pathetic while i take his picture. I think it is the big ears and puppy dog eyes that makes him look so bored with the whole thing. Anyone have any tips for taking pictures with baby puppies?


Taelor, Pilaf, and Cartier said...

Boy is he a cutie. He has my frankie's eyes. <333

I love his droopy ears. So cute! =D

Erin and her Dogs said...

Ack he is ridiculously cute!!

Maddie, Gabrina (IFT), and Betsy (PIT) said...

Wow it doesn't get much cuter than that!!