Monday, April 7, 2008

Accident Prone Marley

Two weeks ago, Marley was skiing with Tom, and got cut on his front foot.  We went to get the stitches taken out on Saturday, which meant they had been in for 14 days.  

Two hours later we were back at the vet.  The whole incision had reopened!  Poor Marley now has 3 layers of stitches, and a wrap on his paw.  The vet (laughing) said she would see us back in two weeks for another try.

Marley is a perfect case in point for pet insurance! (Thank god I got it after the first surgery!)

One free dog
OCD surgery (bilateral)
paw injury (after hours) 
Waking up to kisses in the morning...(still making payments)...but truly priceless.

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Emily and Suede said...

O, Marley! Enzo was our accident prone dog, but it was always priceless to see his fluffy face :)