Monday, April 21, 2008


We drove to CO today, and quite forgot just how exhausting it is to drive that long.  So we have decided to stay an extra day, and drive home on Wed.  Sterling is waiting in Denver, and we will pick him up tomorrow, bandanna and all.

That is his new thing.  Instead of wearing his vest when out, we are going to try a bandanna.  Hopefully this will allow him to focus on being out, and not how annoying his vest is.  He will wear his vest basically all the time at home, eating, playing, sleeping, and will hopefully learn to re-associate it with good things!!!

It was a very long drive here, but the dogs got their reward of going to Nederland and running, running, and running some more in the woods and around the house (it is kinda in the middle of the woods!)  

Boulder is a little weird about dogs, it seemed like all the people on the paths we went on today were really surprised to see a dog.  Even driving around the city we did not see very many!  Definitely not "Bark City"!


Emily, Maggie, and Angel said...

Welcome to Colorado! Your observations about Boulder are really funny to me... seeing as how when I moved here I felt funny because I DIDN'T have a dog! So I went and adopted myself a mutt and then I fit in much better ;) Anyway, good luck with Sterling's new plan! If you are looking for a puppy meeting tomorrow, we have one in Boulder that I assure you is puppy friendly :)

Anna and Lawrence said...

That's very interesting about Sterling getting a bandana. You'll have to share pictures with us. :D

Emily and Suede said...

A bandana will be good for Sterling, I hope! I can't wait to see a picture, I have never seen one! Glad you get him back, and enjoy your long drive home ;)

Kelsey and Spike said...

Glad that you got Sterling back! The bandanna thing sounds like a good idea, I hope it works! :)