Monday, April 14, 2008

New Puppies

On Friday our club welcomed 3 new puppies.  Mario is a MBL being raised for the high school raising program. Lisbon is a MYL also being raised to be transferred to the high school program. Foxboro is a MYL, the fifth for his raisers.

This is Lisbon.  All the puppies were cute, but he was WAY cute!  He is a very dark yellow lab, with an wrinkly face.
New pup Foxboro, then Motown, and career change boy Brent.
Foxboro, then Lisbon, and little Mario in the back.  The M puppies were tiny!
Our club now has 8 pups!

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Anna and Lawrence said...

What cuties!!! And their names aren't too bad. :) That's always a plus!