Wednesday, April 16, 2008

End of Winter

It snowed again last night.  I am ready for it to be spring again.  Hiking with the dogs, haning out at the park.  Last summer we would hang out down at the park and let them play for 2 hours, just soaking up the sun and talking with other dog parents.  
The last day Sterling was here was a beautiful day that was very reminiscant of spring, so we went to the resort and took some pictures.  He loves the snow!  

After Sterling left, we went around Park City with Hugo and Marley.  There is a bench that all the tourists take pictures on.  Since Marley is becoming very good at going where ever I tell him, he hopped right on the bench at sat for some pictures.  He blends into the background, everything is brown right now.

He is really doing well on public access training.  He will maintain an off lead heel, keep attention on me, and doesn't spook when kids come up and grab him.  His one weakness is food.  
There is still a week and a half before I can go get Sterling.  I am deciding between driving out with Tom and the dogs, or just flying out myself.  

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Kelsey and Spike said...

Ahh I love the pic of Sterling on the snow mobile! So cute! :)