Monday, February 25, 2008

Avalanche Dogs

Sorry, here is another little rant...

Working dogs should always be under control, and yet the search and rescue dogs at the resort by my house don't seem to always follow that rule.  One of the dogs lives near the apartment, and has gone after Hugo and Dante several times, with his handler encouraging him to go for Dante because he is "just a Chihuahua."  

Those times the dog was not on duty, or in uniform.  But 2 weeks ago this dog went after another dog at the base of the ski hill.  He was in uniform, as was his handler.  The dog displayed signs of aggression before going after the dog.  His handler did not appear to be concerned, saying 'he wasn't going to do anything.'

What if the dog he went after had been a service dog?  What if a child had gotten in the way?


Brittany said...

Ugh! "Service dogs" like that make me really angry! I would bet that you could talk to the avalanche dog supervisor and report the incident.

I had a dog in a store try to attack Hobbs once. The lady had stiched "Service Dog" onto the back of a T-shirt that the dog was wearing!

Sarah and the Pack. said...

Ahhh!!! That just makes me scared! I wonder where all these people learn about stuff like that. I really had no idea about service dogs until I was interested in the Guide Dogs program.
I did report the incident...they aid they will look into it. It kinda seems like a good old boys club, if you know what I mean. I doubt if anything will happen.
Until something big goes wrong that is....maybe I should write a letter to the editor of our paper....