Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snow, Snow, and More Snow!

It seems like it has not stopped snowing since this year began! Some people I know have so much snow that they have had to hire dump trucks to come and haul it away. The streets in old town have all but disappeared, and I fear I will lose Dante in a wind drift every time I let him outside!

Today they said we would have 2 inch, and that it would only snow until about 10 am. It is 11 am now, and we have about 6 inch in the driveway, with no signs of this stopping!!!

Work should be interesting today, if we can even get the dogs up from Salt Lake.

Monday was my Mom's birthday, and we all went out to the Melting Pot in Salt Lake. Besides it being great food, and everyone being in an awesome mood, it was the first time my Dad had been on an outing that Sterling came on! I could tell he did not really want him there at first (The Melting Pot is a nice restaurant), but he didn't say anything and in we went. Sterling was so well behaved! Our waiter did not even know that he was there! This place had the cleanest floors of any place I have been with Sterling so far, as he only tried for one lick, and then went to sleep! My dad even said at one point that labs seem like the dog to get, since they are so mellow!

That may be true of GDB breed labs, but most I have encountered are hyper! But I was very happy for his experience to be so positive.

My favorite random quote of the week...(Sterling and I are in Great Harvest waiting to buy cookies and a women and her daughter came up to us...after I explained that he was a puppy in training.)

"But you don't look blind!"


Emily and Suede said...

Hope you are enjoying the snow. I personally am sick of it. Glad Sterling was a good boy!

Kelsey and Spike said...

It's always nice when your pup is so well behaved no one notices they are there. ;) Enjoy your snow, ours is melting and I'm so glad!