Thursday, February 14, 2008


Yesterday, Otis, Hugo's brother, passed away. He made it a whole year, and brought joy to many people. This sweet pup suffered from a genetic disorder that left him without the ability to absorb the nutrients he needed from his food. He never grew as big as his brother, or as strong, but his unending love was something that will never be forgotten.

Though I played a small part in his life, I will miss him just the same. The wonderful people who gave him a home for his short, but meaningful life, will be in my thoughts. They kept on trying to find a cure, kept on giving him love, and just stayed committed to Otis when most others would have given up. Only when Otis's quality of life began to suffer did they say goodbye.

I hope that now he is healthy and strong, happy as he always was during his stay here. Run Otis, and know that you are loved and missed.

Hugo on the left, Otis on the right.

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