Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sterling's 5 month Birthday! (Feb 10th)

Well, I may be a little silly, but this was the day that I put away the kennel.  He got a new bed from Costco, and gets to sleep free in my room at night!  

On Sunday my family, Sterling, and I went to Riverdance!  This was so cool, and I wish it could have gone on all day (though it does look exhausting!).  He was very good during the performance.  The clapping made him pop up to see what was going on at the beginning, but by the end he slept through a standing ovation.  Many people commented on what a good boy he was.

We also went out to dinner and to Costco, where we saw another PIT from the high school group.  That was the first time we have been out and about and seen another Guide Dog pup. 

Sterling is improving more each week, and my hopes for him as well!

I like the black labs, since their hair doesn't show in the car!  This is Sterling's favorite spot; he gets to get pats while hanging out with me.

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Erin & Midnight said...

YOu are too cute Sterling!! And only two weeks or so older than i am! When were you born? Mine is Sept 28.