Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sterling's Littermates!

A BIG thank you to the yahoo GDB Littermate list! THANKS!
Also THANK YOU to Anna for the picture of Denzel!
Sterling was born on 9.10.2007 to Denzel (MBL) and Parkay (FYL).
There are seven puppies in the litter. I have information for 5 of them. If you have anymore, please let me know!
There were two yellow females (like their mom), and three black males (like their dad). The other two I do not know, though I think they are yellow in color. Not sure on the sex.

Here is his Handsome Dad!

This is his beautiful mother Parkay, with her litter. Sterling is one of those black puppies.

Here is his sister Sunset. She is being raised in the Guide puppies of Seattle Club, in WA.

Here is Sarita. She is being raised in the Puppy Guides of Snohomish County Club, in WA.

Here is Sparky, his brother. He is being raised in the New Leash on Life Club, in Utah County, UT.

Then there is also Shaw, who is being raised by my leader in the Summit Guide Dogs group, in Summit County, UT.

I do not have any pictures of Shaw and Sterling on this computer, but I will add them to this post tomorrow!


Anna & Lynn said...

There were actually 7 puppies in the litter.

PC Dogs said...

Ok, so the picture is correct! Cool. Any idea yet on the other pups?

Megan & Sherman said...

Hey, I took that pic of Sparky. He is an awesome puppy, whom I adore playing with at meetings. I usually try to steal him for a few minutes at the begining. He is so very cute and has a lot of curly hair down his back that I love. :) Sterling is of course equaly as adorable. :) I am sure he is just as awesome as his brother!

Kelsey and Spike said...

What good looking parents they have, and the pups aren't bad either. :)

PC Dogs said...

You take great pics Megan! Sterling is a good puppy, hopefully as good as his brother! Sterling has wavy hair down his back.

Anonymous said...

All sterling's litter mates are so cute. What a wonderful thing to have them all being trained to be service dogs. Mama and Papa are beautiful. Hope they all go to deserving people.