Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Cat Who Opens Doors

Milo, one of the cats, is finding different ways to amuse himself now that it is much too cold to go outside. Instead of just playing with a toy or hunting mice in the garage, Milo has decided to make it his mission to open any closed door in the house. Taking a shower, why not have the cat come too? Sleeping peacefully at 3am? Not once weird banging sounds and a slowly opening door wake you up. Wanting to keep the cold air OUT of the house? Milo will help (read not) by leaving the garage door open.

So far the only doors he has not been able to open have been the front door and the door where I put masking tap on the handle to keep it from moving. He is one clever boy, and Marley has taken to following him around. Once Milo gets the handle to move and the latch to release Marley will shove his face into the crack and push open the door. This would be how Marley was able to help himself to many treats out in the garage.

They make one naughty duo. Anyone else have pets that work together as partners in crime?


Ro said...

Ah, cats and doors. None of mine have figured out how to open them, but Timmy, my big black and white tom cat, has figure out that if he bangs his head on the door knob at night, that I'll get up and let him out of the room. I go watch tv around 8pm and my boyfriend listens to music in the living room, so I shut the door. Now begins the cat dance. Timmy will run in. Sometimes Fi the old cat is already in there. Spinelli, the baby, will want in if she's not already in. She scratches at the door until I let her in, then Timmy wants out, so start the door knob banging. Then Fi will want out so she'll scratch at the door. Spinelli is the only one who stays in once she's in. So by 8:30 it's usually just the two of us ;)

Becky said...

Oh, that is funny. Right now, there is not much teamwork going on with our old pug and Cricket. Pantera and Missy did get into mischief together.

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

What a cute story! They're like Bonnie and Clyde! It's nice to know that different species can be in cahoots and be friends in real life and not just in the movies and cartoons.