Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fun in the Snow

A morning pack walk with some of the Innsbruck dogs. We are having a pretty good storm move through the area, so some of the pictures are a little fuzzy due to all the snow!
Hugo a black lab/border collie mix lays in a pile of snow while chewing on his red frisbee
Rafferty, a black lab puppy runs through snow carrying a piece of grass
Rafferty follows Marley through deep snow towards a white fence in the background
Hugo a black dog runs through snow carrying his red frisbee.  HIs back is dusted in snow
Marley looks over a snow bank, his head just peaking out.  There are aspen trees in the background and snow falling
Vala, a black and tan German shepherd with snow dusting her face and coat looks across the snow
Hugo catches his red frisbee right before it hits the ground covered in snow
Marley, a brindle dog, sticks his face and paws into a bank of snow creating a spray of snow and dusting the front of his body
Sterling, a black lab, trots through the snow.  The only color other than black and white are his gold eyes which glimmer with excitment
A pack of dogs, a black and tan german shepherd and a couple black labs all run through the snow playing and jumping


Deborah said...

Now that looks like lots of fun!
Happy New Year!

Ro said...

Awesome descriptions. I often wonder how closely my imagination mimics the pics ;)

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Wow, it's a doggie winter wonderland! Looks beautiful, but I bet it's darn cold!!

Brittany said...

Love the pictures! That Shepherd is gorgeous!